Kinds of escort: the question of choosing well


Kinds of escort

Not all the girls of company “Escort”, try to equal to their customers, nor have the same way dress, walking, stroking… There are plenty of women offering sexual services, and obviously, not all charge the same.

Human beings are accustomed to compare things that surrounds them, and since its inception, they have learned that the most expensive is good thing, what anyone would like to have, and conversely, the cheap are not as desirable as the previous. Many people will depend on their level for the choice of a cheap thing or a face. As well, in the world of the Escort, there is also this comparison, know that woman can make you vibrate in one night is very important to your choice.

There are differences to be able to know that type of Escort these choosing to have sex:


The “Escort” is the woman’s company that works at any time of the day, either in person or in a company with more partners. Women who need to work with your body to carry a good standard of living, trying not to be anonymous to have a normal social life in the future. Previously, many of them were women, which is moored their vessels for a fee with customers anywhere, whether it’s a car or any gas station service. Currently the standard of living of these women is related to their night jobs.

Luxury Escort

On the step high company women’s world are the luxury Escorts“, women capable of providing very different from what they are used for a price out of reach of middle class people. These girls do not want to be discovered because there are many professional athletes, important entrepreneurs, movie stars… women addicted to sex life. Use the services of a “luxury Escort” is a great experience to finish your night loneliness…

Fun without limits


Sex toys: The most quoted market

Many people need fun, escape from their corresponding works, activities to improve your life. Sex is a good way to have a healthy life, and above all to feel happy. It improves your physical and mental condition making you a more sympathetic and competent person. A study conducted at the University of London found that having sex three times a week is a good way to improve in every way. But, what can we do to make sex more fun?

There are different types of resources to get that sex does not become a monotonous and boring activity. And especially with the emergence of new technologies, we can find information on the best blogs of sex, where you can get ideas to improve your sexual relations. One of them is the use of sex toys, they are used to try different things so he like her, and discover that there is a world more than the penis and the vagina. From lubricants to them, to improve the masturbation for them, until the dildos for them:

Chinese balls


These balls connected by a thread for the best grip, serve to introduce the amount of balls that hold your body. Usable as a couple, since while he thumbs you tits, she can use this toy for taking more pleasure in the sexual act.



There are different types of dildos and different sizes. The best substitute of the penis, with the possibility of purchase with vibration option to enjoy your life in the most boring afternoons. It is the erotic toy best sellers today, with thousands of units sold.



The best solution so that the sex flow smoothly, can be used in parties more intimate or simply implementing the gel in your hands, to finally use it everywhere the body. The article top of stores in this sector.

Moves to improve your sexual relationship


The new generation breaks the rules

In the past people had sex between them, since it was one of the few diversions that existed. There was no mobile phone to chat or Internet to surf the Web, until television was in black and white, so much of the population preferred doing other activities before staying at home watching TV.

Fortunately, times have changed considerably, new technologies allow us to explore a new world, full of innovations and inventions of all kinds, thus generating too much demand in the various sectors of the market. But, why sex is still the first choice of the population to have fun? Difficult question, since human beings want to know the unknown, wish to recycle ourselves, not staying stagnant in a century, but it appears that sex is independent and in certain aspects of life is the only reliable and free fun that can be found in the majority of cases.


The monotony of sex

Well, the problem starts when our sexual relationships begin to become our daily monotony, sex without fun and practice it without any motivation. Many nights where the youth of our time comes to drinks and dance, they find sex a unique and pleasant experience, and according to 80 percent of young people who go out to different pubs of the city, they would repeat delighted. What is the secret that want to repeat?

Society is accustomed to watching movies and series that television every day, in which is always displayed the same sequence when two people have sex, the male over the female. A huge motivation for many couples, your need to explore new sensations and experiences make them try movements, toys and even watch porn movies, while have sex. There is no better way to break the monotony and boredom.